Summer Camp

To further our endeavors to teach our students not only about education and culture but a balance of body, mind and soul, so as to enable a holistic development of the child. An exciting and enriching Summer Camp was conducted for the students to learn new skills in a safe and nurturing environment.

The Summer Camp Programs are carefully chosen and designed with the combination of learning new skills with fun for the children as well as their parents. Although each child is a unique individual, we believe summer camp helps children develop important social, emotional and cognitive skills. Also teamwork matters because it helps develop communication skills, emotional intelligence and leadership skills too.In the camp , Sagarites and Non - Sagarites participated in Swimming, Badminton and Skating under the supervision of expert coaches. Almost 200 students got an opportunity to be trained in these three activities. The exuberant learners zealously participated & showcased their diligence towards each planned activity of their choice. The essence of this camp was to develop specific skills of each student which ultimately resulted in the enhancement of the skills. Best of all, students create memories that last a lifetime at camp.