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SPARK: Synergizing Excellence and Expertise

July 24, 2023

A session on the integrated curriculum was held at SPS Gandhi Nagar, for students in classes IX to XI. The goal was to introduce the students and parents to the advantages of this approach, which seamlessly combines board exam preparation with competitive exam readiness. The session began with an enlightening presentation by the counsellor, dispelling myths about coaching institutes and highlighting the benefits of the integrated curriculum at school in nurturing well-rounded individuals. The esteemed school Principal, then provided a comprehensive analysis of the successful Spark program, known for igniting students' passion for learning and overall development. She emphasized the intelligent integration of academic and competitive exam preparation for ensuring a balanced learning experience. An open session allowed parents and students to ask questions, expressing gratitude for the school's efforts to provide a holistic education and prepare their children for the future. Overall, the session proved highly informative and inspiring, fostering informed decisions and encouraging a well-balanced and holistic approach to learning.