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Nrityollas -Inter-House Dance Drama Competition

January 24, 2024

Nrityollas, an Inter-House Dance Drama Competition, unfolded with vibrant energy at Sagar Public School, Gandhi Nagar. The event, held on January 24, 2024, featured enthusiastic performances by students from Classes III-V, embracing the theme 'Progressive India'. The competition served as a platform for nurturing creativity and teamwork, as students paid a heartfelt tribute through dynamic dance dramas. Each house brought forth a unique perspective on India's progress, exploring sub-themes such as Back to roots (Vindhyachal House), Sports (Arawali), Technology (Satpura), and Performing Arts (Himachal). The creatively choreographed performances showcased not only artistic prowess but also a profound understanding of India's growth. The audience's passive engagement reflected their admiration for the rhythmic and visually captivating presentations. Judges played a pivotal role in ensuring a fair evaluation, acknowledging outstanding talent and awarding prizes accordingly. Vindhyachal House secured the runner-up position, showcasing remarkable talent, while Aravali House claimed the first position with an outstanding performance that earned them well-deserved recognition. The competition successfully celebrated the fusion of dance and India's progressive spirit, contributing to the holistic development of students.