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New Parents Orientation @ SPS Gandhi Nagar

March 16, 2024

Sagar Public School, Gandhi Nagar organized an Orientation Programme for the parents on March 16, 2024. The aim of the programme was to familiarize parents, as partners in progress, with the curriculum, rules, regulations and the teaching methodology for the upcoming session, specifically for new admission students. The programme commenced with a warm welcome to the parents, followed by a detailed description of the learning parameters and the teaching and learning pedagogy followed in the school. Additionally, parents were briefed about the rules, regulations and systems of the school for better understanding. They were also informed about the achievements and milestones made by the school. Principal, Ms. Alpa Prabhu, provided a comprehensive overview, covering all necessary details that parents need to take care of during these crucial years. This included information on the examination schedule throughout the year, along with scholarship details. Furthermore, parents were introduced to the faculty members. The concerted efforts of the school were met with appreciation from the parents. During the open house, specific concerns raised by the parents were addressed by the Principal and the Coordinators. After the informative session, parents were served hi-tea, marking the end of the programme. The session proved to be fruitful as it helped the parents to get acquainted with the school systems for a smooth year ahead.