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National Trip to Chittorgarh

March 09, 2023

An Educational Trip was organised by Sagar Public School, Gandhi Nagar for the students of Classes IX and XI to world famous historical locations of CHITTORGARH-MOUNT ABU- UDAIPUR. The trip was conducted from 09 Mar to 14 Mar 2023 with an overall aim to introduce the students to the rich history, heritage and culture of the country and state of Rajasthan in particular. While it was a fun- filled, Educational trip but it also had few important learning objectives like to inculcate habit of self learning, visualization, improve social skills and also provide an environment to learn and acquire practical knowledge of these locations alongwith their associated history. The places which were visited are also very famous tourist attraction locations and symbolises peace, harmony as well valour of the brave Rajput warriors. During this trip, the students initially visited Mount Abu, which is highly frequented hill station in Rajasthan and Udaipur, the renowned lake city which is famous for its charm and majestic lakes. The students got an opportunity to visit 'Guru Shikar' - which is the highest peak in the Aravalies (1172 m), 'Om Shanti Bhawan' - where students and teachers understood the importance of taking out time for attaining the inner peace, 'Dilawara Temples' - which are known world over for its fine rock craft and beautiful temple architecture and 'Saheliyon Ki Bari' - a beautiful garden with fountains and intricate designs. Subsequently, the trip moved to Chittorgarh wherein they witnessed the grandeur of 'Victory Tower' or 'Vijay Stambh', a historic tower located in Chittorgarh Fort. The students also attended a majestic Sound and Light Show at Chittorgarh Fort. It was a captivating way to convey the history of the place and make it interesting for everyone to comprehend & remember. At the culmination of this whole trip, the students felt proud of the country and its diverse culture. It was a unique experience and they thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.