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Musical Concord

April 30, 2024

The Musical Concord Competition, hosted at the Sagar Public School, Gandhi Nagar, on April 30, 2024, resonated as a resounding success. It served as a platform to spotlight the exceptional musical talent of the Sagarites from Classes VI to VIII, presenting captivating performances that held the audience spellbound. The panel of judges included esteemed alumni, Mr. Anshul Sathe and Mr. Kuljot Singh. The competition, structured as a house-wise showcase, witnessed spectacular performances from the students of the four houses - Himachal, Vindhyachal, Arawali and Satpura. The audience was captivated by the diverse and skillful performances, which ranged from soulful melodies to rhythmic beats, creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm and appreciation. Beyond its musical spectacle, the competition underscored the values of discipline, teamwork and harmony. The students of Himachal House triumphed as the ultimate victors, demonstrating their exceptional mastery and musical prowess, which captivated both judges and audience alike. Meanwhile, students of Arawali House distinguished themselves by securing the position of the runner-up, showcasing their remarkable talent and dedication to musical excellence.