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Inter House Patriotic Dance Competition - 'Nrityollas'

August 12, 2023

"Dancing is a way to show our love for our country and to celebrate our nation’s history and culture." With the aim of igniting patriotic fervour, an Inter House Patriotic Dance Competition - 'Nrityollas', themed - 'Progressive India', was organised at Sagar Public School, Gandhi Nagar. The stage burst to life as students from different houses delivered stunning performances. Dance troupes from various houses captivated the audience with their displays. Striking costumes, graceful dance moves and captivating props made it challenging for the judges to choose a winner. Each house showcased a different facet of Progressive India. Arawali House presented the theme "Back to Roots", Himachal House focused on "Artists", Satpura House explored "Science and Technology" and Vindhyachal House celebrated "Sports". This diverse representation truly brought out the multifaceted nature of India's advancement. Amidst the spectacular performances, the students of Satpura House emerged as the winners, impressing both judges and spectators with their captivating portrayal of India's progress through the lens of Science and technology. The event's mesmerizing performances not only showcased artistic talents but also highlighted technology's role in India's progress.