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Fun Filled Bagless Day

March 07, 2023

Creativity is intelligence having fun. ~ Albert Einstein ~ On 07 Mar 2023, young Sagarites from Classes III to V enjoyed a 'bagless' day in school, on the last working day of Academic Year 2022-23. The day was made memorable and fun-filled by organising various activities which enriched the learning experience of these students. The spectrum of activities included Zumba, Art and Craft Activity, Paper Bag making, Swimming Activity for the swimmers and Tug of War for the non-swimmers. These activities played a key role in breaking the monotonous Classroom learning and gave each child a chance to express and exhibit their competence, zeal and enthusiasm. The process of these activities and their sucessful completion created special bonding between students as well as between students and teachers. The day ended on a happy note with lot of memories to cherish.