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Fifth Annual Meet Celebrated with Fanfare

November 09, 2023

The ambience turned nostalgic when *SPS Gandhi Nagar held its annual Alumni Meet*, on November 9, bringing together the pearls of Sagar from different batches and providing a platform for them to reconnect, share experiences, and relive their school memories as they walked down the memory lane together. The Meet featured a short cultural programme where alumni from different fields shared their talents, expressions and experiences. This served as a source of inspiration for current students who got a glimpse into the diverse career paths their predecessors had taken. The music and games added a festive touch to the event. The alumni had the chance to network with each other, fostering professional connections and collaboration, thereby emphasizing the strong bond that the school has created over the years. It was a heartwarming and memorable event that yet again reinforced the strong bond between Sagarites and their alma mater, Sagar Public School.