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Exploring Horizons: Unlocking Career Potential through Liberal Education.

April 15, 2024

A Career Counselling Session by Mr. Sohail Mateen, Outreach Manager for Career Guidance for Classes XI & XII (Humanities & Commerce) was organised on April 15, 2024. The session showcased the extensive career opportunities offered through Liberal Education, emphasizing the institution's 350 major and minor options. It highlighted the holistic admission process, scholarships, and robust placement opportunities, aligning with NEP objectives of holistic learning and skill-based education. The learning outcomes of the session were highly successful, with attendees gaining a comprehensive understanding of the vast array of career paths accessible through liberal education. Attendees gained insights into the institution's commitment to supporting students from diverse backgrounds through scholarships and its track record of facilitating successful transitions into the workforce or further academic pursuits. Overall, the session provided valuable information that will undoubtedly guide students towards informed decision-making regarding their future educational and career paths.