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Beat the Heat this Summer

April 30, 2024

The Sagarites of Classes Nursery to II celebrated 'Beat the Heat Day' with a blast of fun and frolic. It was a day filled with creativity, laughter and adventure. The young stars danced and sang to the beat of summer songs, twirling and spinning with joy. They savored the sweet taste of cooling squash drinks, refreshing their spirits. With creativity flowing, they crafted ice cream stick masterpieces and snapped memories at the selfie corner. Indoor games and challenges tested their skills and teamwork at various stations. A special presentation highlighted the importance of staying healthy by munching on nutritious fruits and vegetables. Together, they enjoyed a delicious lunch, sharing stories and laughter. Fruity treats and pool parties added to the excitement, making it a day to remember. 'Beat the Heat Day' was a resounding success, filling the hearts of the young Sagarites with happiness, learning and unforgettable memories.