Sagar Sangam

Sagar Public Schools believes in creating a strong foundation with values in the society. To make parenting easier, more effecting and lucrative which can enhance the upbringing of kids, Sagar Sangam was organized at SPSGN on 12 July, 2018. The senior member of advisory committee Shree K K Dubey conducted the session for the parents of Nursery and K G I. 
Sir highlighted the importance of family and parents. Family is the first school for a child and parents are his first teachers. Sir Quoted that “Children do things because they like to do them but it is the moral responsibility of a parent to take the children where they should do things because they are right.” Parents should give space to children and leave them independent at times which will increase their emotional intelligence and make them confident.
Dean Academics Shri S. S. Shrivastava suggested parents to be involved in their kids’ activities rather than instructing them. Ms Shiba, counsellor and teacher trainer, was also introduced to the parents.
Parents resolved their queries and appreciated the efforts of the school for organizing such motivating sessions for them.

Date: 12-07-2018