Inter SPS Spellathon Competition

In the time and age of auto-correct, predictive text and spell check, an Inter SPS Spellathon competition for the students of Grade I - VIII was held at SPSGN that came as a whiff of fresh breeze. Students from all five branches of SPS participated with great enthusiasm and dwelled through the toughest words to prove their mettle.

All the rounds of the Spellathon competition held the audience ‘spellbound’, with almost all of the participants spelling each word correctly. Even the toughest words of the Spell Wordsmith round were spelt with unflinching ease by the spelling wizards. It was a nerve-wracking task to reach to the final contestant.

The results are as followed:

Group 1 (Class 1 & 2) -

Winner- SPS SN
Runners up - SPS GN
Spell Wordsmith- Mast. Heetraj Chudasama, SPS SN

Group 2 (Classes 3- 5)

Winner - SPS SN
Runners Up - SPS RN
Spell Wordsmith- Ms. Harshita Shukla, SPS SN

Group 3 (Classes 6 - 8)

Winner- SPS SN
Runners Up- SPS GN
Spell Wordsmith - Ms. Mahi Tiwari, SPS SN

All the participants have put the audience on the edge of their seats by proving themselves as Spell Wizards of the day.

The competition made the students aware of spellings and the usage of many unfamiliar words. It was a wonderful learning experience not only for the participants but also for their peers and served to enrich the vocabulary of the students.

Date: 22-01-2020