National Sports Day Celebration (I & II)

Be a Champ, Play a sport and stay healthy in body and mind!

Sports is an integral part of our Indian culture. The National Sports Day was celebrated at SPS GN for Classes I & II with lots of enthusiasm and sportsmanship. The day not only worked as entertainment for students but also spreads awareness about what role sports play in an individual’s life. Various talent hunts like Leg Cricket and Marathon were conducted taking out the best out of the young Sagarites. Team Enthusiast won the Leg Cricket match and it was a treat to watch young Sagarites playing with good sportsmanship. The significance of National Sports Day is immense, it is not only about celebrating the day but is about celebrating the spirit of sports and games countrywide. The main aim of celebrating the National Sports Day was to raise awareness about the importance of sports and drive home the attention of everyone to comprehend its advantages on human body.

True sportsmanship is excellence in motion!    

Date: 29-08-2019