Spectrum The Charismatic Progression

With a view to ingrain a creative attitude in students as well as to give impetus to their seamless talent, the annual exhibition at SPS, GN, Spectrum-The Charismatic Progression was held with elan on Aug, 25. 

The hundreds of exhibits that dotted the classrooms of the two buildings bespoke of the palpable synergy of the cohesive efforts of the students and teachers from the Pre Primary to the Senior Wing.
The event promoted participatory and hands-on learning in different subjects.
The Pre Primary exhibits prepared in accordance with the theme of Jungle Safari beckoned all.
In languages, namely, Hindi, English and Sanskrit, the wide gamut of picturesque exhibits traced the journey of Literature from traditional to modern via the mediums of the timeline, role play, chat show and radio show. 
In Social Science, the evolution of mankind, the changes effected thereafter in currency, lifestyle etcwere depicted with the help of ppts and models.
The Maths section showcased the application of concepts and theorems from past to future. In the category of Sciences, the students got a common platform to shape up and share their innovative ideas and their understanding of the close relationship between sc, technology and society in the fields of communication, Robotics, formulation of cosmetics etc. The environment sensitive models like Recycling and Save the rivers reinforced values like empathy and concern for ecology.
An enchanting sequence of Music, Dance and Yoga, the enticing Fitness Arena and Gaming Zone-Arcadia were engrossing and captivating.
The Art n Craft creatives were truly a sight to behold.
Also worthy of mention are the artefacts prepared by parents showcasing parental involvement at its best.
The charisma of the participants wowed all .leaving an indelible imprint on the minds and hearts of the spectators.

Date: 25-08-2018